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Building an orphanage in South Asia

The local church that we support in South Asia gave all that they had to purchase the land to build an orphanage to house the children they already care for and to be able to care for more. They are in the process of building the orphanage now to house fifty children which includes a play park, library, computer room, study room, dining hall, auditorium hall, kitchen, security room, laundry room, washrooms, cameras, CCTV deployment, play room, office, medical center, accommodations for guardians, and a road. 

Our goal is $187,000


This is Anmol Paul Horo. He is an eleven year old boy who was abandoned by his dad when he was a kid. He and his mother somehow survived, they just roamed from door to door of people's houses begging - no job, no income source. This boy was very talented in school but he couldn’t attend school as he couldn’t afford the fees because of which he drop from school. But now he is in our care. Kindly uphold Anmol in your prayers. 


This is Aman Basfore, age thirteen years. His father died when he was very small. His mother has no permanent job. She worked temporarily as a maid and somehow they survived. Very sad to say that a few years back this boy was fell into the hands of drug peddlers and become a drug addict and right now he is being rehabilitated. Kindly uphold Aman in your prayers.

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