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Contact Francis Pereira to speak at your event or church. Or invite Francis to hold a Spread the Fire conference at your organization.
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Conferences are led by Francis Pereira and his team

in Asia, Europe, and America

Helping people to know and experience God’s Fathering love in a very deep personal way.  A time to understand and embrace sonship living in the love of the Father as true sons and daughter.


Many times our upbringing with past abuses and wounds from so called authorities over us have given us the wrong understanding of the Father’s love and specially being after abused by our earthly parents distorts our view of our Heavenly Father.



What People are Saying about our Conferences

I just loved the time carved out to meet with God individually and as a group.


The highlight for me was being set free from being mad at myself, punishing myself for making bad choices. I have received healing from pain and self-condemnation.


I am free. Free to move on. Free to finish the healing.


I've gotten a better grasp on God's love for me and discovered a major reason why I've had difficulty relating to God. 


God's love reigned over this time. We would highly recommend this seminar to everyone!


Hope Meetings


Having people turn from their life of sin to a life of abundant peace and joy (darkness to Light ) after embracing Jesus as their Lord and Savior because of his suffering, death and resurrection which gives them eternal life.

Garlic Naan


Spread the Fire Ministries also set up cooking classes as an outreach within the community to help people learn to cook Asian food and understand the importance of spices.

Transforming your County


Having a kingdom vision to bring change in spiritual and social life of the community impacting all spheres of life (Education, family, media, Business, Government, Arts and  Entertainment, Religion ).

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